A home where high-risk children can stay while receiving their chemotherapy treatment until their immune systems respond well before being able to go home without this posing a threat to their lives.

Also, the Hostel House contributes to the avoidance of treatment due to the lack of resources for transportation or lack of economical resources to stay in the city.

If you would like to contribute to this project, you can communicate to us at the following number:


FACCI is in the process of developing a programme of support for Blood donations, while organizing a Blood Donors Bank for the boys and girls struggling through the illness.

Blood is of utmost importance for the process of treating and curing these patients, since the treatment much of them receive lowers their hemoglobin below normal levels, presenting cases of severe anemia, while others present bleeding. In both cases it is required that both patients receive blood transfusions and or platelets immediately. As part of this program, we have made an alliance with the Lab "Referencias" for the adquisition of products and services that our children need.

You can save lives today!

•Blood Bank 

"With the realization of this bank the Foundation has as goal to capture those people who can be donors to give to children with cancer the blood needed at the time that they need it. 

•Area of Onco Pediatrics HIRRC 

Another of the great projects that you have to realize is FACCI area of the Onco pediatrics at the Children's Hospital Robert Reid Cabral. It will concentrate all the areas in which involved day to day children with cancer. These are consultation, Escuelita, internship, atra of lumbar puncture, chemotherapy and other. 

•Training of nurses 

We will continue training nurses to provide support to children with cancer to keep them updated in the care 
That each day should have with their patients. 

•Early detection Campaign 

Facci has in project increase their campaign for early detection of childhood cancer, bringing it to national level. 

In the same train people in the cities and municipalities to acquaint parents with the symptoms of children with cancer and can be serviced on time, in this way would increase the percentages of children who overcome this disease.