Treatment for All

This program summarizes our desire to support all the children and girls with Cancer that reach children Dr. Robert Reid Cabral Hospital, so that they have access to adequate treatment with the medication at the right time of their needs, their economic limitations are not an obstacle.

Diagnosis Analysis

The Foundation provides resources that allow children access to studies which are not carried out at the children's Hospital. Diagnostic Imaging exams are sent to specialized health centers. The inmunotipificacion of the pathologies are shipped to United States, and the analysis of blood to private laboratories, thus contributing to an accurate and timely diagnosis.


Food is an important part of cancer treatment. It is common for these children to arrive with malnutrition to the query. Children may lose their appetite as a result of the disease. The right foods before, during and after treatment can help the patient feel better and keep its strength.

Cytology Laboratory

Cytology lab to perform studies of bone marrow, which is being equipped to be able to offer the necessary clinical analysis to help streamline the implementation process of chemotherapy to the children in the near future. If you want to contribute with this program, you can contact us at tel. 809-565-7581.

Tasks and game room

This room is intended to offer all the possibilities so that the child can continue with their growth and development, especially their schooling while receiving treatment. Is equipped with computers, bedside tables with chairs for work, shelves with books, educational games and is supervised by interns and volunteers in the area of education.

Transportation for all

A high percentage of children with Cancer attending children's Hospital does not have the resources to transport yourself to the health center and continue his treatment, since they live in secluded areas and in the interior of the country. FACCI has developed this program to provide all means to the family, so that the child does not interrupt their treatment until they are not completely healthy.