The "Fundación Amigos Contra el Cáncer Infantil, Inc." is born from a group of friends that by attending the conference room of Onco-Hematolog ia of the Children's Hospital Dr. Robert Reid Cabral individually, contributed part of their time and resources to provide financial and emotional support to children suffering from cancer and their families.

Arriving at the hospital to bring medication only to a group of "sponsored" children, while the others waited anxiously to be able to see their needs covered, was the reason for our decision to form this group to raise funds and start the program "Treatment for All", to ensure that every boy or girl with cancer who attend the Children's Hospital will be able to receive the appropriate treatment with the drugs needed at the required time.

Thats how we started to involve ourselves with the purpose of working for a better and quality filled life in children diagnosed with this pathology.

Our mission is to help fulfill in coordination with the body of physicians led by Dr. Rosa Nieves Paulino, the urgent needs of improved diagnostics, cancer drugs and the general support for these children and their families.

We are working to ensure that the Children's Hospital Dr. Robert Reid Cabral will provide a program for the care of the Childhood Cancer of the highest quality to the infants of our country.

We are a non-profit organization formed on April 26, 2003, incorporated by decree No. 993 of 9 October 2003, according to the Law No. 520 of July 20th 1920 that governed non-profit associations.

Improve survival and quality of life of the child ill with Cancer and his family, through support programs so that they receive the right treatment at the right time for their needs.

Be recognized as an institution of modern service, driven by a high sense of social responsibility, committed to fighting for children and girls with Cancer with limited financial resources in the Dominican Republic.

1) Identify the children Cancer patients who do not have the necessary economic resources to assist and accompany them in their struggle against this disease. 

2) Channel the medical treatment of children through the Children's Hospital Dr. Robert Reid Cabral, so that these children can receive medical and psychological assistance on a continuous basis and secure. 

3) Improve the quality of care by providing with the medicines, chemotherapy, medical support, diagnostic tests, adequacy of facilities and donation of equipment 

4) Serve as a liaison to establish training programs for doctors, nurses and psychologists of the hospital with institutions and hospitals abroad. 

5) Obtain funds through various activities for the sustainability of the programs and projects of the foundation. 

6) To Offer continuing support to these children and their families accompanying them to confront and cope better this disease and its treatment. 

7) To make available the services it provides the foundation to the community in general and to the community pediatric oncology in particular. 

8) To assist in the education with regard to the Childhood Cancer in our country, already that an early diagnosis can save a life.