The volunteerism of the foundation is born of the interest of providing support and company to the children and their families to confront and cope better with the treatment. 

The times will start from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. On weekends, we will have a schedule for the volunteers who wish to cooperate. This means that whoever wants to help can choose the best schedule for this beautiful mission. 

The people who commit themselves to be volunteers must do so in a way where they would be faithfully committed to provide this service during the hours that they choose.


Provide emotional support to children and their families, accompanying them during their illness, as well as assist and supplement the team of the Foundation's work by enhancing the reach of it, recruiting other people to join the cause. 


- Grant wishes to children suffering from cancer and give them experiences of joy and emotion. 
- Provide special situations different from those that are being lived from day to day during the treatment of the disease. 
- Carry constant spiritual support to parents and children without highlighting any denomination or religious congregation. 
- To contribute with the schooling of children, encouraging the desire to study and continue their studies when they are eligible. 
- Provide continuing education to the parents about the different aspects of childhood cancer (hygiene, nutrition and management of the patient). 
- Remember that you are needed. You are an important part of the Foundation and this is a serious commitment. Children with Cancer always wait for you, you are going to confront the challenges that will be subjected in the different stages of their disease. 

In order to volunteer:

Call us at: 809-533-7596

or email us at: