FACCI House, a large house for a great cause. 

In October, 2010 we began the construction of the FACCI house, one of the most important support programs in the fight against childhood cancer. 

FACCI House will help children with cancer of the interior of the country to be able to come to receive their chemotherapy treatments staying free in a dignified place, where they will be having their most basic needs of bedroom, bathroom, food, hygiene, entertainment, psychosocial support and Spiritual covered. 

FACCI House contributes to preventing the abandonment of the treatments because the cost transportation and it releases the stress of having to deal with the economic issues of dealing with this disease.

At the Children's Hospital, Facci receives children of scarce economic resources from all parts of the country. 

Located in the Antonio Maceo street No. 6, Mata hambre sector, in the vicinity of the Children's Hospital, the children will have easy access to the House. 

FACCI House consists of 5 floors with a seating capacity for 28 children with their companions. 

FACCI House has: reception, social areas, general stores, general dining room, kitchen, tasks and games rooms, chapel, pharmacy, laundry facilities, offices and training rooms to offer technical courses to mothers and patients. 

We offer programs, nutritional, spiritual, technical training, musician therapy, psychosocial, arts, crafts and reading. 

Thanks to the sponsorship of the various areas received from individuals and companies, monetary or in kind, Facci House is today a reality.